Hurricane Clips

A German philosopher named Schopenhauer once stated. All truth passes through three stages first it is ridiculed second it is violently opposed third it is accepted as being self evident.
I know something that is as simple as a metal bracket should have been understood and implemented but I still have been trying to convince people who should know better on the obvious advantages of using these simple metal connectors.
  Especially since all modern building codes require hurricane clips in all high wind areas.
  Older buildings of larger and heavier rafters usually only had four nails that were driven at a slight angle and could be pulled out on a uplift force easily, instead of useing four nails the hurricane clips allow up to ten nails per side with the nails being tried to be cut instead of being pulled out making for a much stronger connection, often over 10 times stronger.
As the the retrofit hurricane clips are installed on the outside of the building they also hold the wall to the top plate while new building dont have this advantage.

I have applied for patents and receive them on all the following fasteners not so much as to stop people from using them but to prove that I did have some original ideas that were worthwhile and could be helpful to all homeowners especially the people who’ve been working hard to afford their own homes and don’t have time to research why their homes fail in strong winds.
It Is the purpose of this web site to show you how to increase the strength of any existing building or just explain why these measures are needed even if you need a contractor to install.
I think it is foolish designing building codes that only apply to new buildings when the emphasis should be applied on our old ones ,as they shouldn’t be relegated to the dump for a simple metal connector.
Installing hurricane clinchers on the outside of the building not only ties the wall to the top plate and Rafter but by being on the outside wall it allows the wall sheathing to transfer the load to the floor joists where on new buildings it doesn’t allow for this.

   This view showing the 4x8 top plate that extends the length of the house and extends to the gable overhang where the left clincher shows the top plate and the right hand clincher wraps aronnd the freze board (Blocking between the rafters) that extens beyond the wall.




























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